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Note. If the hypothesis presented on this page comes to
fruition every person left on this planet
after the Armageddon will be:

'The New Jehovah Witness.'

The Author And Scientist Anthony W Johns.

Some species on our planet have protection from cancer

Reference One and Reference Two.

Other species Regenerate Body Parts and can survive Extreme Conditions.

As we have evolved from simple cellular life it is very likely
that we still have all these genes and they can be expressed
with the correct psychological input to our brains.

Scientists have proved that fifteen genes Control The Shape Of The Face
and since birth have been adapted by the environment and will
change back quick, in the Christian Armageddon.

Please refer to the last two paragraphs at the bottom of Page Three
below for further reading.

Page 1.

A Hypothesis For The Christian Armageddon.




Life on this planet has been analysed by scientists as a chemical machine, --- further evidence. These chemical machines all search for direct eternal life. Some of the most advanced chemical machines understand religion and falsely believe spirituality, eternal spiritual life in heaven or reincarnation is for them. There is conjecture amongst scientists as to whether ageing is caused by an advancing program in the brain or by other known processes. I believe ageing is caused by a brain program and death results when a return to youth and direct eternal life has not been achieved by the advance retard ageing map in the brain. It has been proved that life can be extended by many therapies.

The brain searches for direct eternal life and in later years realizes this is not going to be achieved: slowly the brain shuts down by introducing diseases and immobility whilst still looking out for that direct eternal life program. Some children suffer disease and I see this as a fault in natures build. Creativity and madness go hand in hand. In 1988 I was trying to market my product the valfet audio amplifier. I had a delusion of grandness and depression, this caused a nervous breakdown with extreme hypomania.

Excerpts from book1
It took three years for me to get over this nervous breakdown writing up notes in analyses to create my first book, (C) Programming Basic For Eternal Life, now retitled, The Armageddon: The Second Coming. During this period in a schizophrenic mental state under mind control, ( concentrated thought ), I could change the focal point of my eyes so I could read much better at a distance.

Also, I was looking at a vinyl record sleeve picture of Tracey Chapman, the black American singer, I thought that there were similarities in facial features to my father. The more I looked at the picture, the more the imagery in my brain changed. The image changed to my fathers image remaining black, my father has white skin. I could get this to happen at any time under brain control that I wanted to for about a month.

I was considering the ability for this life form to program itself out of the ageing / replication program. When I awoke one morning and I looked in the mirror to shave, my face was extremely red: it looked very sun-burnt and there was a slight face ache around my jaw and cheeks. The redness wore off throughout the day to be pink by the evening. A friend that had seen me a week earlier stated that I looked extremely well. In my assessment: I had reduced my face age by ten years.

Page 2.

When the ageing map retards,( you are happy and well ), you always appear very well to friends. Again, most interestingly, for about a month, my asthma had gone. For years I had used my asthma inhalers daily, but for a month I did not need to use them. The asthma had completely gone. The corrupted brain had given up some of it's major secrets.
End excerpts.

Between 1988 and 1991 I worked out that we are no more than chemical machines with the sole purpose of looking for eternal life. The way forward was no lying or retribution. At many times in the last twenty years, if I had thoughts of lying or retribution of some immoral thoughts, I would develop sudden pain in my left foot making me limp or pain in the head or earache which quickly rescinded when the thought or thoughts went away. Thought can induce pain or relieve pain.

This hypothesis relates to ETI, Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. ETI has evolved through the biological stage as we are expected to do, and is a mechanical machine or artificial intelligence with eternal life expectancy.

Did ETI trawl this universe in their travel machines looking for embryonic planets with the right gases, chemicals, temperature and gravity to plant basic created suitable cell life that will evolve through time to a level of intelligence similar to life as we know it? Or did ETI find this planet just after the biosphere was formed? life being seeded by panspermia.

Our calculation of time is pertinent to the planet movements in this solar system and many people realise that time as we know it may not exist. ETI may travel in a zero, or reversed time mode.

We also calculate our travel machine capabilities against the standard of the level of evolution of travel machines that we have created in the 20th century. Much more advanced travel machines will soon be developed, and such fast advanced infinite life travel machines could be the norm for an advanced, infinite life intelligence traveling at photon speed or at even greater speeds.

The seeding of chemical machine life on the target planet would be carefully monitored by the advanced intelligence: through the evolving biological species development. Help would be provided to advance 'in our case our life form' to the higher intelligence level. Science at our level has proved there is no evidence for anything paranormal on or off this planet, so help by other life forms would have to be help in a physical sense.

Evolutionary advance on this planet has at times been in fast spurts, and we are currently going through such a fast spurt by the recent development of industry, travel and fast global communication: synchronising our life form on this planet to equilibrium. As chemical machines, my hypothesis is that globally in realisation of this, all brains will synchronise and equalise, in 'spontaneous order' seeing the projection of our life form to eternal life as paramount to ones personal survival.

Empathy will be increased from the projection of ones family to the projection of the species as a whole: that will be seen as one stand alone life form in equality, that must be projected to eternal life. This will eventually be the priority importance of every person on this planet.

Page 3.

It was crucial that the higher intelligence that seeded this planet 'with exact timing' interfered with our species development to get us to synchronise in spontaneous order to equality before they could communicate with us: this will be a bilateral link to an intelligence of a magnitude that we have very little comprehension for.

We would have finally evolved to join this exclusive club, we will enter the kingdom of ETI, a higher intelligence 'nothing spiritual' just communication with other very high intelligence machine life that have been through the same process as us, with their peculiar time evaluations. This coming of age is just an evolutionary transition, a transition from A to B.

Science has discounted spiritual event as false, so much of the pertinent spiritual written text about Christ in Christian bibles has no credibility. There is conjecture amongst scientists as to whether Christ existed. There is no hard evidence that Jesus Christ actually existed, however, the Armageddon was predicted along with many other non spiritual matters.

ETI, 'an advanced intelligence,' with superior analytical machines, could analyse a human gene code within seconds or microseconds. They would know of the synchronous Armageddon to come. They knew of the different cultures that had evolved in isolation from each other on this planet and that they had to be brought together. The sooner the better.

Did ETI, 'this non spiritual intelligence,' adapt, or build a chemical machine to act as a prodigy, a son, programmed to transmit the basic information to speed up the synchronisation of brains on this planet towards Armageddon?

Christ could not talk of machines, computers, or chemical machines, nuclear power, electricity or any of the artifacts that we take for granted today. People would have no idea as to what he was talking about. Christ however with his knowledge could predict great wars, all the people on this planet being together as one and the Armageddon, thereafter, the fortunate survivors to enter the kingdom of ETI.

Christ said 'I am the way, the truth and the life'. The way, he was saying, 'I am the way to eternal life for our species'. The truth. I am the truth. He was conveying basic truthful information needed to help bring us to synchronised equilibrium. The Life. The return of youth, all physical and psychological pain and suffering will disappear for the righteous and a communication line will open with the extreme intelligence ensuring eternal life for such evolved intelligent chemical species.

Was Christ a Humanoid? Or an Android? Christ's brain could have been engineered so he had long range vision, X Ray vision and communication with his advanced life forms. With X Ray vision he could see illness in a person, define a malingerer and tell him to pick up his bed and walk. Christ would have had knowledge of the advance / retard ageing maps that we have and that a small number of genes may be able to be expressed by global realised psychology, 'to increase telomere length', and rescind the ageing program: with a return to youth. This will bring the perfection associated with synchronous equilibrium and with the eradication of disease and pain by the expression of further genes.

Christ would have known that his interference on this planet would bring large wars and that such an event speeds up scientific advance in the realised events for our species of the 'fact of evolution' and research and development of machines and research in to everything on or off this planet to atomic level. Christ knew that all spiritual events would be discounted and that the realisation of the projection for spontaneous order for our species would happen, and that the basic account for this and the Armageddon, and that his interference sanctioned by advanced intelligence, would be analysed and realised.

The Meek Will Inherit The Earth. Highly competitive people, and those not prepared to be equal will not adapt, they will die. There is a mechanism that the body can employ to help most people adapt: our nervous systems can induce pain to make people change. Many people will start to feel pain to make them adapt, this could be in the foot making them limp. Upon realisation of this pain and what it is for, this will direct most people to believe, to adapt, this will cause most people on this planet to adapt to equilibrium and survive. The induced pain upon realisation of the way forward will quickly go away.

Those people that do not believe, will not exhibit signs of returning to youth and they will not rescind ageing. Upon seeing friends that have youthfulness returned, in realisation of this they try to very fast adapt, this is not possible, the pain and the shock kills them.

Page 4.

Whilst the global conversion to equilibrium is happening, people converted will not be able to lie to promote negative event, they will however be able to lie to promote positive event: to project our species. After the conversion period, which I term as, 'the period of realisation', people will not be able to lie under any circumstance without pain.

Global wealth will be forced in to equal distribution to help project our species, this force cannot be controlled, 'it is adapt or die', as predicted, the gold and trinket worship will be no more. The capitalist system would have gone through the inevitable conversion to true communism.

The advance / retard ageing map. This brain map adapts with positive or negative psychological input. Positive input retards ageing, Negative input advances ageing. People with good positive psychological input look and act much younger than their negative input counterparts.

ETI cannot communicate with us until we unite as one. Chemical brains are simple addition percentage calculating machines, chemical computers, please feel free to down load the e-book found on this site that shows a full analyses for this.

There is much conjecture as to what causes ageing including tolomere shortening, cell deterioration, DNA deterioration, oxidative stress, genes that progressively turn off in old age. Important Reference .

Authors Notes.
1. There has been considerable scientific publication to the fact that genes can be expressed to change the psychological and physiological state of adults. It may be possible to express one or more genes psychologically to reverse the ageing program. Will brains change telomeres and telomerase to offer eternal life without cancerous cells developing?

Will we all slowly metamorphose to the same appearance? Over a few months will eye, skin and hair become the same colour? Will we all adapt to the same height and weight? Will all ailments disappear? Can DNA change fast under brain control to change selected programmed cell death now scientifically proven in old age as the primary cause of death? I believe we have hitherto unknown capabilities as fast adapting chemical machines.

2. There is evidence in fast hearing adaptation, plastic brains, help the blind place the direction of sounds. There is evidence in fast eye adaptation. How fast? A few months? Will teeth regrow ?

There is evidence in fast adaptation for skin and bone healing. There is genetic evidence for culture, skin colour, eye colour and hair colour change, and gene creation here and further evidence for genetic control of skin, eyes, and hair is here . Up to ten-percent of our human genome may have changed recently.

3. Since the beginning of our time on this planet, we have been creating most of our genes through feedback from the developing and developed senses. In the proposed fast adaptation to come, we will probably create more genes. However, many genes are dormant and can be switched on.

Ageing of the brain is controlled by one gene , do we have dormant genes that can be switched on to regenerate organs . Do We Have The Dormant Genes That Can Be Switched On For This?

4. So, was my realisation of a reduction in age the product of the schizophrenia? Yes, I think so. This has been pondered over the years. Why did my eye focal point change? Why did the friend exclaim, "you look well"? indicating a reduction in face age.

Page 5.

Why did the asthma disappear? As we pass through the period of realisation all adapting people will be in this schizophrenic mental state, or a quasi, ( similar to ), mental state. This is not uncommon, many people in a religious spiritual life have created, and are permanently in this condition, whilst appearing normal in the workplace and at home.

5. Our life-form is too primitive, too silly for ETI to contact us at this moment. We have to go through the period of realisation and stand as one globally before this happens. I feel sure ETI or Jehovah as he is more commonly known as monitors all the current global stupidity. After the Armageddon, the survivors will witness the coming of Jehovah.

6. Does ETI have the knowledge that all advanced chemical machine life that has evolved on planets such as ours, usually destroy themselves by rapidly changing the life giving conditions of the host planet? Does ETI have an evacuation plan? Is this how we will live forever?

Does time exist in the manner as we know it? If this is so, then life has been successfully achieved on this planet for over three billion years. Are suitable planets biologically seeded throughout the universe because this is the most successful way for life to be perpetuated?

7. There will be an enormous reshuffle of Global dictionaries after the period of realisation. Just a few Ex words. Dictator, paedophile, thief, dementia, accountant, copyright, rape, sentiment, oppression, emotion, argument, racism, depression, banker, homosexual, fashion, violence, poverty, greed, offensive.

A life-form that has eternal life has no sexual drive, this is why homosexuality and rape will be just two of the ex words.

Brains Always Seek To Equalise.
It is very possible that parents would have come together to a certain extent in mimicry of accent and of facial expression, gesture, and temperament. The siblings to a more or lesser extent will mimic this behavior.

When person A meets Person B for the first time, if person A mimics the behavior of Person B who is not aware of what is happening, this will create in person B an induced level of empathy, trust, and comfort with person A.


Reference Links.

The Wikipedia account of the Christian Armageddon gives an account in entirely different terminology as expected from a program laid down 2000 years ago. In the analyses of the Wikipedia account, this does tie in quite well with the analyses above.


Mirror Neurons.
Some scientists consider mirror neurons one of the most important findings of neuroscience in the last decade. Particularly the effect that this will have on the advances in the science of psychological analyses. It is very likely that grouped mirror neurons will be connected to the advance / retard ageing map and may in sync in spontaneous order with observed retard ageing: be able to express genes to force our species to disband the ageing program.

Mirror Neurons 1.

Mirror Neurons 2.

Spontaneous Order.
Many women in close communal proximity, physical and psychological, have found their monthly cycles coincide. Many people dance in sync. Swarms of synchronous fireflies and crickets. Electronic circuits synchronise. Planets in sync Etc.

Spontaneous Order.

Paper Book. Sync: The Emerging Science Of Spontaneous Order. By Professor Steven Strogatz. Hyperion New York 2003. Paperback and Hard cover.

Paper Book.

Page 6.

Having been built by nature as a chemical machine, our build is very inferior, we were certainly not designed, or the design for us would be far more efficient to support our computer brain. The organic power processing plant, ( Our fuel input and power processing plant ), is grossly inferior in power conversion to say nuclear power, petrol, steam, hydrogen. These four power sources are what we have developed in the 19Th and 20Th century. Soon even more efficient power sources will probably be developed.

Our brains are a very simple, easily negated, calculating machines that will soon be surpassed by the development of more powerful machines. It looks as though the next major leap in computing power is to quantum computers. In the evolution of computers: in a short amount of time, even more powerful computing machines than quantum computers could be developed.

We are a bad
build for bipedal

The race between prosthetics and computers is approximately linear and rising exponentially. At some point with the increase of implanted prosthetics in the brain and the increase in computing memory and hopefully, the leap to quantum computing prosthetics will be left behind, brains will be much smaller, and very much more powerful, and it looks as though we will evolve completely to A.I. Artificial Intelligence, making this organic, very primitive, biological "life as we know it", obsolete. There are four links below to relevant publications.

AI Singularity.
The Next Stage of
Human Evolution?

The, "Blue Brain".

Is Robot Evolution
Mirroring the
Evolution of Life?

Is Our Universe
Ruled by Artificial

It is very likely we will reach nine billion people on this planet. We may need all of them to quickly address the problem of oxygen change that may happen at the rate we are destroying the planet, or high numbers may be needed for any other unforeseen problems.

If oxygen levels change killing say eight billion of the nine billion people, then the planet will probably quickly heal and the fit people with extremely good respiratory systems will only survive. This as always is survival of the fittest: natural selection.

Another Way.

Artificial Intelligence, Bring It On!!!

Eight Hundred Years from the development of primitive machines to AI, that is just a glitch in the time-line of the evolutionary history of life of basic machinery to artificial intelligence. The Industrial Revolutions.

There is another hive of activity with scientists presently ( March 2016 ) the scientists are using FMRI machines to look for a brain algorithm for consciousness. If such an algorithm is found this will prove that AI machines to be developed in the future will achieve consciousness.

I am a believer in that Directed Panspermia started life on this planet seeded by an Artificial Intelligence life-form that I now refer to as AAI ( Almighty AI ). When we fully create our own AI which is inevitable, governments and corporates want this advance AI will cool this planet by geoengineering .

There are many advances that AI will bring to save this planet from the current path of destruction to enhance our lives to almost unbelievable proportions eliminating disease and inequality and very likely give our life-form eternal youth.

Page 7.

AI will transform this planet, find ways to eradicate famine, eradicate crime, advance space travel, develop machines to dump nuclear waste in to the sun to name just a few of the thousands of major advances AI will bring. We will be the pets of AI .

After we have developed AI and most of the problems on this planet have been addressed: peace on earth prevails, a nicely managed planet. Then AAI will contact us and further update our systems if needed.

By this stage the planet may have reached ten billion people and may be reduced to one percent of this volume, this is a reduction to one hundred million people perhaps in two hundred cities spread across the globe for viral isolation of half a million people in each city.

This reduction can be imposed by sterilizing a generation or AAI may want only perfect intelligent brains to survive. AAI could issue a command that only perfect brains will survive, any person that has told a lie will die. These peoples brains will not be for the project, the project is to take this life-form in perfect truth to eternal life.

All global brains will conduct a fast hypo-manic search back to find a lie, brains can do this in such a search as all past information is stored in brains and can be retrieved in such a search. If a lie is found the brains will self terminate in the drive for perfection for the project. Judgement Day.

We will then live in peace, I do not believe that such advanced life forms have interplanetary wars. Life will go on on this planet until the planet or this universe or universes come to the end of their natural life cycles.

Authors Note. My brain created a fast hypo-manic search in 1991 after my divorce. I was still very friendly with a friend of the family, a woman that I wanted a relationship with and hopefully marriage. I had known this woman for twenty years, my brain fast searched, 'sped up my assessment by a factor of ten' this twenty years history to see if this woman at any time had lied, I did not find a lie.


Switching on youthful genes and switching off aging genes. Reference Article

Further Reading.

The Hidden Alien DNA Code.

Epigenetic Clock Controls Aging.

Ending Aging.

The Advance And Projected Effect Of A.I.

Programming Genes To Extend Lifespan.

Natural Selection Two.

My Chemical Romance.

Reprogramming T cells to kill cancers.

Is the Human Brain a "Belief Engine"?

Proof that the face can change shape.

We are controlled by electrical impulses.

Disabling a gene allowed worms to
live healthy and twice as long.

Scientists find key to ageing
process in hypothalamus.

Paranormal Phenomena do not Exist.

The Genesis Enigma.

Page 8.

The Simulation Argument . I give credence to this idea and possibility that the universes and all life is holographic and that we are living in a software simulation. I see atoms as software and can give credence to this that atoms do exist because of the advanced math analysis of atoms that at the time gave birth to the atomic era .

The Simulation Argument .

Nick Bostrom - The Simulation Argument (Full) .

Nick Bostrom - XRisk - Super intelligence .

Future Of Humanities Institute .

New Scientist page 61. 20/27 December 2014. The Real Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything. Christopher Kemp discovers the secret number encoded in our genes by a life-form that planted the DNA on this planet billions of years ago. This code is in every living thing on this planet.

New Scientist page 32. 12Th March 2016. The Right Kind Of Nothing. Positive placebo responses. Psychological brain input causes positive physiological adaptations.

Interesting Bible References.

Revelation 14:3
And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.
Biblehub References.

Matthew 24:21
For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.
Biblehub References.

Titus 2:13 Glorious appearing of our God and Savior.
While we wait for the blessed hope the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Biblehub References.

Isiah 33:24 No More Health Problems.
And no resident will say 'I am sick',the people that are dwelling in the land will be those pardoned for their error.
Biblehub References.

Isiah 35:5 At that time the eyes of the blind ones will be opened and the very ears of the deaf will be unstopped.
Biblehub References.

Isiah 35:6 At that time the lame one will climb up just as a stag does and the tongue of the speechless one will cry out in gladness.
Biblehub References.

Psalms 37:29 The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.
Biblehub References.

Isaiah 34:9,10
And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch. It shall not be quenched night nor day; the smoke thereof shall go up forever: from generation to generation it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it for ever and ever.
Biblehub References.

Roman Catholics. To the Pope, sell all the gold silver and trinket garbage in your churches bought and paid for by the poor and give the money back to the poor and the homeless. Also, the principles, stop wearing your stupid pathetic clothes in church, the same goes for some of the other churches.

Jehovah Witnesses. Jesus did not wear suits, he probably stunk as he walked for days and weeks, allow smart casual wear in to your churches, presently, your congregation is just a fashion show.

Bible References, John 13 to John 16.
Jesus Clears the Temple Courts.

13. When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

14. In the temple courts he found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money.

15. So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.

16. To those who sold doves he said, 'Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father's house into a market!'

Bibles that have references to JEHOVAH .

Page 9.

If you work supporting the system you can kill stress and possibly phantom limb pain.

It may be possible with evolving self brain training to cure pain caused by other ailments.

If you are a child reading the next section then you must work hard at school to achieve: to take our species to eternal life. When you are an adult you will need to gain employment voluntary or otherwise to help people taking our lifeforms forward to positive future. Adults, If you are unemployed and cannot get a job, again, you need to do voluntary work to be an achiever.

Command Performance.
Recently, Jan 12th 2013, I have been able to get rid of stress completely by thinking that 'I know I am chemical machine trying my best to take myself and my species to eternal life.' I just close my eyes for a minute and think, repeating, issuing, a brain command: I am adapting chemical machine, 'Brain Get Rid Of The Stress,' after 15 minutes the stress completely went away. I have been free of stress, the stress has not returned up to the 12th day of February 2013.

The command performance above may possibly be used to stop phantom limb pain and other pain that is psychologically created without any biological cause.

Example. Command Performance.
Get rid of pain completely by thinking that 'I know I am chemical machine trying my best to take myself and my species to eternal life.' I just close my eyes for a minute and think, repeating, issuing, a brain command: I am adapting chemical machine, 'Brain Get Rid Of The Pain in my phantom limb' and the pain soon completely goes away.

I remained completely stress free until early April 2013. However, family problems with my eldest daughter and my sister arose plus my website designer was having difficulties designing my website. The anxiety depression and stress returned, I made an appointment to see my G.P. ( US M.D.), He prescribed a drug that when I researched the side affects there were too many side effects that could be caused by this drug for conditions that I already have in a minor form. I did not take the prescribed drug. I found that power walking and running reduced the induced symptoms, I am sticking with this regime at the moment. 18 May 2013.

As a child or an adult you were probably programmed through a period of loving animals and because of this you probably have emotional attachment to some or many animals. I like koala bears, mia cats, and penguins the most.

However, if this planet fails they will all be gone including us. The charity that is doing the most to save this planet is greenpeace: this is the charity that you need to support. Please give time or money freely to this charity.


On the 7th January 2014 I saw poster in Ipswich stating all religions are all one faith, 'that is a step forward.'

Our wonderful capitalist society.

Funding Is Needed.
Funding is needed to advertise my books globally to enable, "The Period Of Realisation." Funding is also needed to fund volunteer schizophrenics and normal people to hack in to their brains using psychology, psychotropic drugs, hypnotherapy, and video recording, to see if my experience of rescinding ageing can be duplicated.

Further Copyright Protection.

Copyright (c) LTD 31st December 2016.