Here is the opportunity to download the very interesting free ebook 'The Brain: Natures Own Computer'. This ebook is still a work in progress and many alterations to this ebook will be made.

As well as retaining the original book in it's updated format, this is a very long book to read. Four smaller books will be created from this outstanding book, covering four topics and they will be downloadable from this page.

1. Love Explained

2. Love and mental illness.

3. How mental illness is started and corrupts the whole of the brain.

4. A hypotheses on achieving eternal youth and happiness.

Book Reviews.

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Downloadable below is the picture artwork from the book 'The Brain Natures Own Computer'. This artwork can be used on white boards to illustrate small sections of the book in school classrooms and/or mental health carers, giving lectures either one to one or in groups using excerpts from the book.

Download the Free Artwork Now.

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Free Artwork And Ebook- The Brain Natures Own Computer.
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